Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Hai semua...
Entry kali ni Mizz Lina (ML) nak story pasal drama Korea a.k.a. KDrama yang 
ML baru habis tonton...

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Synopsis from KimchiDrama
Kim Sun-ah will play Hwang Ji-an, a thirtysomething top shoe designer, who commands the attention of a room and always looks impeccable. At work, she’s basically described as The Devil Wears Prada‘s version of a boss, which means of course that her life will come crashing down to earth off her self-made pedestal, when she takes her first left turn from The Life Plan by sleeping with the rookie. The hero, Park Tae-kang, is a naive but ambitious new hire at the company, who’s got nothing but a high school diploma and a good work ethic to his name.
Total Episodes: 16
Status: Completed
Genres: romance, comedy

Synopsis from
A drama based on an original comic.
Hwang Ji An (Kim Sun Ah) is a successful mid-30′s career woman (Director in shoe company) with a bright future ahead until she gets into an “accident” one night with the company new employed young male co-worker, Park Tae Kang (Lee Jang Woo) who used to be a fake shoe maker and always ready to run away whenever police raids. 
Her life and career gets thrown in chaos upon learning that she has became pregnant with his child.
Her strongest rival, Yeom Na Ri (Im Soo Hyang) takes the chance of that moment to overthrow her company position while she meets again with her old love, Jo Eun Sung (Park Gun Hyung) who has became her Gynecologist.

Main Cast
Kim Sun Ah as Hwang Ji An

Lee Jang Woo as Park Tae Kang

Park Gun Hyung as Jo Eun Sung

Im Soo Hyang as Yeom Na Ri

ML memang suka sangat drama ni...
Kim Sun Ah bawa watak Hwang Ji An dengan strong dalam drama ni...
Hwang Ji An melambangkan seorang wanita moden yang 
berkejaya dan passion dia hanyalah pada kasut...
Ada kalanya dia tak dapat decide solution sesuatu masalah 
tapi dia sentiasa cari jalan penyelesaian tanpa putus asa...
Once she decided what she want to do, she'll do it with confidence...
Daebak!!! <3

Dari segi pakaian, semua yang Kim Sun Ah pakai dalam drama ni memang cantik2 belaka...
Kasut pun cantik2... Memang heaven lah tengok drama ni bagi orang yang suka berfesyen sebab drama ni banyak menonjolkan fesyen baju dan kasut...
Best! Best!! Best!!!

ML memang recommend anda semua tengok KDrama I Do, I Do ni...
Ada juga moral2 baik yang boleh kita belajar dari drama ni...



p/s: sekarang tengah tengok Bridal Mask tapi baru airing sampai episod 18 out of 28.

p/s: apa yang ditulis dalam blog/entry adalah padangan peribadi ML. It's just the matter of personal preferences. thank you <3


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